The advertising moguls

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We are a fast growing advertisement company that started since 2009 and we are now in Abuja. Basically, we advertise your business/services on our magazine and website for the entire populace to see/view anytime, anyday and from anywhere. We print THOUSANDS of magazines monthly that goes far and wide to reach everyone, the interesting thing about it, is the fact that  the magazines are distributed for FREE and not sold, thereby making it possible for everyone to have access to it for their Perusal anywhere and anytime, even on request. We started just like any other small organization and have indeed grown into what people now call us(the Advertising Moguls),we are marketers as well as risk managers and we market anything marketable, no wonder some people also call us(The Father of Advertising and marketing) You advertise with us and all your worries for tomorrow are over.

     We make it our duty to bring businesses to limelight, having a passion for what we do has helped us discover the secret about what satisfies the buyer and the seller thus making it a WIN-WIN. We keep the people/clients abreast of your business as well as educate them if necessary. Information is everything, it enables us makes sense of everything else, it empowers us and gives us the edge to make good and effective decisions, thatís why we communicate and speak advertisement.


Do you know that as widely known as you think you are, there are people out there who are still not aware of you and your business/services, and they are still looking for such services/business to patronize.

Do you also know that some people/clients are fully aware of your business/services, but do not know where to find you, so they are still looking for a means to reach you even as we speak.



Do you know that big companies such as                                                                          Cocacola,Guiness,Vaseline,Olx,Toyota,Bmw,Duracell,Nivea,Nokia,Samsung,LG,Suzuki,First-bank,NNPC, Kodak,Volkswagen,Peugeot,sony,Levis,mac-donalds,shoprite etc. that are already well known worldwide, are still advertising till date and they still put funds aside annually for advertisement, these are multimillion dollar companies that already have more than enough customers, then why do they still advertise? Itís one on the secrets of success.


Do you know that if you relax in your business (advertisement wise) then a problem might be looming, because you are not getting new clients and some of the old ones are gradually going around patronizing businesses that are currently advertising, in other to get good bargains and value for money, Most of these clients/customers do not come back to you or your business

But not to worry, thatís where we now come in, because

                                             When you advertise with us

        You forget about any other type/kind of advertisement, because we take charge.

         You automatically be on the spotlight, because your business will continue operating.

        We take your business to places and higher heights.

        Your business gets to be known even outside Abuja and furthermore outside the country, as we are not only based in Abuja.

        You sleep with your two eyes closed and accompanied with a relaxed mind, rest assured that you already have clients/customers for tomorrow and beyond, thus having nothing to worry about.

        You are also advertised online on our website for the Whole world to see.

        The buyers/clients/customers know where and how to reach you.

        Your business sales/demand skyrockets and your business grows by the second.

        We make that special connection between the buyers and the sellers, which is always the ultimate goal in advertisement generally.

        You are sure of a good price and value for your money, which is very essential.

        We advertise your business everywhere possible and at every slightest opportunity we have, thus putting you ahead of your competitors.

        Your Customers/clients increase and you keep the existing ones

        We help you flow along with the changing market

What more can an advertisement company offer?             



     Having Deduced that Business is all about buying and selling, we did not just stop at advertising and printing the magazines, we also worked on the distribution network and have adopted a perfect distribution strategy which definitely ensures that you are not only selling to the people/customers/clients within your vicinity, but also from other states and soon from other countries as well as  continents. For instance:

Example no 1 someone arriving into your state or vicinity can put a call thru to you before arrival to inform you of his/her request or want and also an arrival time

Example no 2 someone in a different state or vicinity, having seen your advert on the magazine, can make payment to you or your account, requesting for  a product, which will then mean you have to send it via courier to him/her without even seeing you.

At the moment, the magazine is being distributed In Nigeria at

        Delta State.

        Rivers state.

        Lagos State.

        Anambra State.

        Enugu State


And Outside the country in

        South Africa

We are still working on distributing to other states and itís already in the pipeline, so we will always keep you informed regarding that

We are the pace-setters

For the buyers/clients, we are the key to good bargains, and for the seller/advertisers we are the necessary exposure.

Simply put, we are the market-maker, your connection to the market of clients/customers; we trumpet your business and services, thus making that vital connection between buyers and sellers.

Donít ever think you can do it all

If you have not yet advertised with us, then you are not yet in the market

I would have said we hope to see you place an advert in our next edition, but no, I would rather say that The ball now lies in your court and we trust you to make a good decision

Thank you.                                             


                                                                                                                        :For info delight




                       ADVERTISEMENT RATE


                 INFO DELIGHT RC 808176

                                         The advertising moguls



Double page(center spread)

Full page(front & back)

Full page (inside)

          1 month

          2 months

          4 months

          6 months

         12 months

          Life advert

N  69,990






N  49,990

N  89,990





N  39,990

N  69,990






Two-third  Page

Half Page

One-Third Page

1 month

2 months

4 months

6 months

12 months

Life advert

N  33,990

N  56,990

N  99,990




N  29,990

N  49,990

N  89,990




N  19,990

N  35,990

N  59,990

N  79,990












Quarter Page

One-Sixth Page

OneĖEighth Page     Line Adverts

1 month

2 months

4 months

6 months

12 months

Life advert

N  16,990

N  29,990

N  49,990

N  69,990



N  10,990

N  19,990

N  34,990

N  49,990

N  89,990


N    8,990                 N  3,990

N  16,990                 N  6,990

N  29,990                 N12,990

N  42,990                 N18,990

N  79,990                 N35,990

N199,990                 N99,990










                                                   MODE AND METHODS OF PAYMENT

1.   You can make payment to any of the accounts, either by direct deposits, internet transfer  or ATM transfer and then email us, sms us or call us once done and we will act accordingly.

First bank, account name-Info Delight Dotcom , account no-2027267107

GTB, account name- Info Delight Dotcom, account no-0168399162

Zenith bank, account name- Info Delight Dotcom, account no-1014177461


Note: If you take the 6 months,12 months or the Life advert package, Then we will automatically place your

           Advert among our featured ads on our website for free and the entire world gets to see your            

           Advertisement and not just Nigeria Only.

           We also offer special inserts (e.g.political), loose inserts and Handbill services.

           Classified Adverts cost N1990 monthly.

             We also cover and advertise seminars, conferences and others.