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I hope I am not wrong if I say  Congratulations are in Order, Yes I am saying this because you have indeed made the right choice by subscribing to this Website.


If You Are Fully Ready To Put A Stop To Your Financial Problems, You Must STOP Every Other Thing You Are Doing now And take time to Read The Information On This Website Over And Over Again. if you can be patient enough to do that, then that's all it takes in life to be successful (Patience)......And Then, TAKE ACTION!  By doing what you are told to do, I believe  that's the most important thing and I am sure its the reason you are reading through




Let me make you a promise, Leave all what you are doing now and take out 10 minutes to read this through. If it does not work for you, then do not believe any thing you see on the Internet ever again.

We have always complained that the Government is not doing enough to provide Jobs for us, We cant pay our Rents, We cant get good Jobs, We don't have money, We cant get a loan because no collateral, no food to eat and so on and so forth..



But the truth Is that, We worry over nothing. There are a lot of ways to make money on our  own Legally, there are lot of ways to become Independent, There are lots of ways to be self employed. We can actually do everything ourselves and funny enough it doesn't cost anything to do that. But you need to have that element of trust in you and clear all doubt. Being self employed is the way to go because you can do anything you want to and at anytime, you can decide to go on Leave today if you want to, you can decide not to work at all in two months without any one breathing down your throat, you can decide to start working at anytime without anyone telling you that you are late, isn't that interesting? These are businesses that you do  not have to invest a kobo unless you want to increase profit

 Take for example the real estate business, if you know the IN AND OUT, you wont spend a kobo but in a week time you will be counting over 300,000 Naira, as a typical Nigerian you will say  I am lying. But do not

worry you will find out yourself.



There are varieties of options you have to choose from, either as a graduate who still have not gotten a job, a graduate who is earning less than he/she is supposed to be earning and wants something better, a  business man/woman whose business is not going smoothly, The head of a family who is saddled with the responsibility of providing for a large number of people, the breadwinner of  a family or even a male/female who has tried virtually every  means of getting a good income but all to no avail.



It hurts me so much, to see how many people are roaming the streets Depending on another person like yourself, looking for jobs, looking or food, trying to steal or rob, Lying to people, trying to trick people for their money or even becoming a prostitute, when there are awesome opportunities out there. there are things you can do to get money daily without even investing a cent, Infact you get money every hour. so why wait for the government or another human being to do all of these for you? do you know how many people are also waiting for the government just like you?

I am going to introduce them to you and also hand over the guides to you, so that you can study and implement them, I am sure you will always remain grateful to me for life. I am 100% sure because as we speak I am already involved in some of them and I am making good money daily, even more than I expected. I can promise you one thing-that you will never ever go wrong.



 Full time worker

 part-time worker

 Civil Servant


   Full Time House wife

 Unemployed Graduate

 Youth Corper

 Taxi Driver.





 Business Owner



 Corporate Individual.

Its for Anyone who can read and write and desire to make extra income online or Offline, you will need these Guides/materials. And the best Part of it is that all the materials are easy to work with, even a 12 years old kid can make use of them.


Hope this is not a SCAM?

 Many of my Internet Students/subscribers know me well that before I unleash any information, I would have tested the viability and Genuineness before letting them in (I have also tested the water, and you have no fear) Even though I also initially doubted myself when I just started

This is not one of the programs you might be used to, where you are asked to Register, invest a token, wait a moment, blah blah blah….. or The Register…invites your friend to join type, This is totally different; you require no capital nor have to invite friends… an absolute Zero Capital Venture.

Mind you, Please remember again that there are also LOTS OF SCAMS out there that will rob you of your hard earned money. That notwithstanding, since you are LUCKY to come across some of the GENUINE BUSINESSES already, you definitely should thank your God....and you should START NOW!


Why You should Listen to me

Put your Money where your mouth is, There are lot of self-acclaimed gurus here and there over the internet now and some can just be regarded as "hungry marketers" who only wants to rip you off your hard earned money claiming they have what you need. You  need to avoid such people and That is the reason why you should always get information from the real source.

SO I Am telling you today that for The simple fact that you are on this website reading this piece of information simply means that you want to make GOOD MONEY from GENUINE, , SIMPLE and LEGITIMATE BUSINESSES and you will make it.

But the problem most people have is that most of the information they have access to, always has one issue or the other. It is either the information is




REQUIRES YOU WORK ALL DAY LIKE A SLAVE( I particularly hate these kind of businesses )

Or maybe

YOU DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE YOU CAN BE GREAT, do  you know that the President of Venezuela today was a former Taxi driver? check it out. everything is possible and you can be tomorrow s Dangote


I believe in the saying-- practice what you preach.



I have simply decided to reveal these secrets to those who know the value of Information. I guess you already know that INFORMATION is POWER! 

Life as a whole is full of opportunities that has gone untapped by lots of people. The opportunities are limitless. You and you alone can actually determine how much you want to make from these businesses.

Also, if you do not like doing business on the internet, if you simply love doing business offline and you are looking for cool businesses that can fetch you thousands to millions of naira on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, you are right on time.

All these businesses we are about

 revealing to you are 99%

 profitable,. Why? You may ask, this

 is because we are so sure of these

 income opportunities and

 businesses we are giving to you. They have been

 tried and tested over time and has made us and our numerous clients so much in profits for over 2 years. Testimonies abound! 

By Subscribing, you have just taken the most important step towards making your world of lack, a thing of the past and a world of abundance, a reality. This fact is if you want to change your life, you must first change the way you think.

Thousands of graduates, undergraduates and even Master degree holders roam the streets everyday in search of non existent jobs when actually, all you need to make your  FINANCIAL MISERY a thing of the past stares right at YOU!!!

I took a drastic decision when things started running smoothly... I decided to quit my job.

After been successful, I have decided to HELP, TRAIN and ASSIST just 12serious individuals who are ready to follow simple guidelines to overcome the lack of jobs, money, fulfillment and happiness in their lives.




Discover and apply the Strategies other people are using – some Without Leaving their Homes.


We are not referring to  YAHOO YAHOO or any Gimmick

These are proven systems that makes you money all the time and will continue to work even in a 100 years and more.

Now I’m my own boss, work whenever I want, however long I want.

I no longer have a date with poverty and even if everything I have is taken away from me today, I know exactly what to do to........

Make It All Back In One Month!

Now, let's talk about you. I obviously don’t know you down to an intimate level.  Maybe you’re working at a job, you don’t want to quit but you would like to make an extra income. Maybe you want to be free from a 9 -5 job and stay home with your family or children.

Whatever your dream is, I can show you

How To Make That Dream Come True

When you apply these, you will learn

  • How to work only two hours per day from home while watching DSTV the rest of the day and still make more money than most oil company workers
  • How to do most of your businesses over the phone.
  • How to automatically generate 3-5 times your current monthly salary without quitting your present job if you don’t want to
  • How to work part-time and still generate amazing income so you can buy yourself time and money freedom



Ordinarily, This is meant for my loyal subscribers, but if you have landed on this page by luck and wondering who this is, I am Oriarewo Inegbedion, the CEO of URANIUM COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUTERS LTD(fully and legally registered in Nigeria) and these are few of what i do (Internet Marketing, Web development, Advertising, Real Estate, Communications. etc) I have been in worse situations and conditions than you think you are in or have ever been, I have worked as a Taxi driver, I have stayed without food for 2 whole days, I have washed cars for money, I have cleared grass for money, I have worked in people s farm or money, I have worked as a school teacher, I have worked as a security guard, I have slept on the bare floor for 3 months with the rain and sun coming down on me directly, infact I don't want to remember the days I asked God almighty to take my like due to the Hardship, Let's Just Leave that for another day because this page is not about me, but You.

From the Desk,

Oriarewo Inegbedion

C.E.O. Uranium Communications Ltd.




 Introducing you to this was brought about by my insatiable appetite to always disseminate quality information that will improve the lives of my esteemed Subscribers and honorable followers. Touching lives in my own special way gives me so much pleasure, Joy and satisfaction which gears me to always give out everything I deemed useful to my subscribers.

         For this reason, I have decided to give out over thirty (30) Quality materials plus almost 40 bonuses that will benefit each and everyone of my subscribers. I bet you that there will is no way where there wouldn't be at least 5 to 15 out of these collections that will tickle your fancy. but please remember that Jack of all trade and master of none is not too much of  good Idea, but again its always nice to have your fingers in so many pies and not put all your Eggs in one basket.

 Before I got to where I am today, I searched all the nook and crannies of the internet just like you are doing now, and I believe that your search has ended today seeing that you have found me.

I  can confidently tell you that we have compiled all the money making online and Offline businesses that has raked in TONS OF CASH for us into a simple manuals or E-Books.

  • Your customer base increases and they keep on coming back to you for your service without you spending a fortune on advert and marketing.
  • Your service is so high on demand such that schools, private business owners, companies, NGOs and individuals will literally beg you to accept their money just because of the service you render.
  • Your business concept GUARANTEES INSTANT PROFIT and over 300% ROI (Return on Investment)?
  • Office space and rent is no obstacle to your business.
  • Your location is no obstacle.
  • You are simply your own boss.

    If earning a high income with luxury of time at your disposal, without stress and headaches is your dream, then you have just discovered a GOLDMINE because earning Over N80,000 weekly Guaranteed From Genuine Online & Offline Businesses will be one of the best business articles you will ever read.


Do the following sound like something you would give

anything to have in your ultimate business?



ü  No boss


ü  No alarm clock


ü  No commute to work


ü  No employees (optional)


ü  No office politics


ü  No discrimination


ü  Great product/service


ü  Something positive


ü  Unlimited income

ü  Something meaningful


ü  Low risk


ü  International


ü  Personal growth


ü  Low start-up costs


ü  Contribution to worthy causes


ü  Economy-proof


ü  Tax benefits


ü  Fun!



Think such a business does not exist? THEN YOU ARE MISSING OUT


Making money in Nigeria is not as difficult as people think; it is all about having access to the right.




Let just take you through just a few days earnings in one of my account, because of doubting Thomas's, even though i do not like flaunting. but i have to do this

 Acct Name: Uranium Computers and Communications Nig. Ltd.

Trans Date Reference Value Date Debit Credit Balance Remarks
10-July-2014 five 10-July-2014   1,990.00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT
11-July-2014 008971 11-July-2014   5,990,00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT
11-July-2014 fifteen 11-July-2014   3,990.00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT
14-July-2014 043877 14-July-2014   5,990.00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT
14-July-2014 800991 14-July-2014       990.00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT
14-July-2014 774421 14-July-2014       990.00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT
14-July-2014 all 14-July-2014   1,990.00 --------- CASH DEPOSIT

  Just imagine about 20,000 naira in 3 days, people are still being paid 20,000 naira in a month, I just showed you the least amount I have made in 3 days, when I was lazy. so I imagine if I put in more effort.



Felix Biodun To be sincere with you, I believed it was a scam until I got my first 1,000 naira and I got it late because even after I got your materials I kept them under my pillow, but  today I am making steady 70,000 naira weekly and that is when business is bad. I really really respect you and your talent. I only have one regret and it is WHY didn't I start a long time ago?

Felix Biodun

Niger state


David Tsele Amadasun You are just a very clever guy, you have taken shame away from me now, I am no longer the same guy who you gave those materials to 6 months ago, I am now an Edo big boy, as we speak I am building a one bedroom flat. Please do not laugh at me, you know I am still new in this business

David Tsele Amadasun

Edo state



Jessica Paul I believe it is God who answered my prayers because I actually came to Abuja 2 months ago to start prostitution Business since things were tough, then all of a sudden the person I went to visit travelled and said I should wait at internet cafe, while I was waiting I just  said let me browse, that was when I saw your website, then I subscribed, Do you know that from that day my life has changed because I never went back to my friend anymore and she is still calling me till today, what should I go there to do when barely 2 months in Abuja I already have a nice self contain room which I paid 500,000 naira for and I have already sent 150,000 to  my family at Okitipupa God bless you. Please can I come and visit you on a weekend to show my appreciation?

Jessica Paul



These are just a few testimonies because I don't want to bore you with too much testimonies else it will be more that 50 pages, I am not sure if i have been able to convince you that you are at the right shop, but again why do I have to convince you? if you actually know  your problem and know what you want.. Below are the guides I have prepared for you and you can have them immediately

 No 1

How to Start Online Importation Business With Little Capital And Make Up to 300% Profit


In This eBook Will  You Discover:
The secret sites’ to import Products
How to Make payment on the sites using Nigeria Naira Master card
How to Importing Stuffs On The Sites At Dead Cheap Prices 
Show you Products that are selling fast in  the market How you Can import Products even with less than N10,000 and many more


No 2

How You Can Make Big Money Importing From China: The secret the Nigerian Importers Have Hidden For Years Revealed!


In this eBook You Will find answers to the following questions:

Where and how do you find suppliers?

How do you know what’s going to sell?

When you know that, how do you know what to determine to sell?

How do you eliminate the risk of scams and bad shipments?

Where do you even begin to research?

Where and how to find products

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell

How to Find and Test Suppliers How to Sell Your Product

How do you handle returns and warranty?



No 3

A to Z of Petroleum Products Marketing Business



The eBook will teach you: Terminology of the business

The Product Quantities and measurement

How to Register as an Independent Petroleum Products Marketers and the Requirement

How to Register as Partners With Major Petroleum Products Marketers and the Requirements

How to Be Petroleum products Broker/Agent With the Marketers and the Requirements

Petroleum Products You Can Market as a Broker/Agent

How to Start Petroleum Products Marketing as a Broker/Agent How to find Petroleum Products

Marketers You Can Partner With How to Register or Incorporate a Company (Private or Public)

and Requirements

How to Write Oil and Gas Introduction Letter to different Petroleum Product Marketing


How to Write a Winning Proposals to Petroleum Product Marketing Companies

How to Write Step by Step Marketing Plans of Petroleum Products

How to Negotiate With Partners, Buyers and Types of Negotiation The Easiest Way to Meet

Barons in the Business

How to Get the Necessary Money You Need for Marketing

Who are Your Clients and how to Prospect for Your Clients What Will Make Customers Buy From You

Documentation in Petroleum Products Marketing Business How to Find Petrol Stations that Will Buy From You Every Week and Every Month Contacts of Oil and Gas Companies You Can Partner With.

I don't have to remind you that Most big boys like Adenuga, Otedola and big girl Alakija also started like this


No 4

How to Start and Run a Profitable Cleaning Business



In The eBook you will discover

Types of Cleaning Businesses you can do

Start Up Costs of the cleaning business

Other things you need to run the business

How to Cost the Job from your clients




NO 5

Laundry and Dry Cleaning services – How to start a business that makes money from dirty garments


Inside the eBook You will learn

Why you need to take advantage of the growing market for dry cleaning and laundry services

in Nigeria?

The opportunities for entrepreneurs in Nigeria’s dry cleaning and laundry service market?

Some important things to consider before you start a dry cleaning and laundry service


The things you need to start the business small and grow big

The Alternative ways you can do this business without investing money.

Some tips that will help you get and retain your customers



No 6

How To start a Real Estate Business and become super rich making millions on commission without

investing your own money in Nigeria.


In This eBook  You  Will:

Learn the Secret of Real Estate as a big business in Nigeria

1. Discover the various aspects of Property Business You Can explore to Become mega rich

2. You will also Learn Who is a Real Estate Agent

3. Discover How you Can Do this Business even if You are not Educated Using Common Sense and Smartness

4. Discover How to Get Properties to Sell, Rent, Lease and Manage and Make at Least ₦20 million within the First Five Months Doing this Business Without Investing a kobo

5. You will Learn What Estate Agent actually do all Day

6. You will also Discover the Tricks and Tactics Of The Trade

7. I will Reveal to you What you Can Do to Make Landlords and Property Developers to Beg you to Sell or Rent their Properties

8. You will Discover the Secret Marketing Strategies  I Used to Become a Multi-millionaire from this

9. I will Show You 50 websites on the Internet Where You Can Advertise Your Properties For Free

10. I will also Show You How to Open Sub-domain websites For Your Property Business Without Paying  a Dime

11. You will Learn How to Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

12. I will also Show You How You Can Invest in Nigeria Real Estate Business Building and Buying Houses using Mortgage Financing

13. I will give you detail contacts of Reputable Mortgage Institutions that will Finance Your Property Investment Without Your Personal Money

14. I will show You a Business Plan That You can Present to Mortgage Financiers that will enable You Asses loan for Developing or Buying  Property

15. I will Show You 14 Ways You Can Use to Find Investment Properties in Nigeria

16. This Manual Will also Reveal to You The 3 Easiest Way I have made Money in Real Estate Business

17. This Manual will also Teach You How To Buy a Property at Lower Price Than the Average Prices

18. You will Discover the Closing Checklist For Property Buyers

19. I will Reveal to You How You Can Negotiate a Deal and make More Profit

20. I Will also Show You the Ten Commandments Of Closing a Real Estate Deal That Can Earn You millions of Naira 



No 7




This eBook Will Exposed You To :

The secret of exporting with an empty bank account, no experience, no office apartment and at your own convenience

All you need to kick start this business

How you can make millions of naira in online export-biz intervention  here in  Nigeria    


How to make contacts with foreign buyers using our contact list

You will learn the big secret of home based export and how it works

How to make contacts with exporters and suppliers

You will learn the international commercial terms to facilitates the business

The manual will also show you the approved documentation process to ensure successful export transactions.


The manual will expose you to websites where you will be getting your contracts


Do you know that the opportunities to make money in Nigeria are endless and even easier than you imagine.


How will you feel working from anywhere and choose your own hours of work and stop living a stereotype lifestyle.


Do you know that the opportunities to make money in Nigeria are endless and even easier than you imagine.


How will you feel working from anywhere and choose your own hours of work and stop living a stereotype lifestyle.



No 8




Discover Over 500 Secret Websites That Are Ready To Pay You Up to $20 Daily Working For Just 2 Hours Daily on Each Site Without Spending A Dime!


·         Over 500 secret websites worldwide that will be paying you $20 Dollars and above everyday

·         You can do this work whenever you want or have free time. There will be no boss looking over your shoulders because you will be your own boss!

·         You are not required to provide answers to a certain amount of e-mails weekly
and you can work at your own pace.
The best part of this job is you can do it anywhere. You can do this from your house, at work, library,     dorm room, school, or anywhere you can think of as long as you can access your emails and the Internet.

·         You will be able to do this job in your free time and you will not need to quit your current job to do this.


You will also  learn how to

Step 1: Check your E-mail inbox daily.

Step 2: Answer the simple QUESTIONS send to you by these companies and summit

Step 3: Get Paid $20 Per E-mail you provide answer for

Step 4: Make $100 to $200 a day

You will also learn how to get your International Master Card that you will use to withdraw your any time anywhere.



No 9



Discover How Very Few Nigerians Are Making between ₦79,000 & ₦140,000 Every Week from Face Book Using Simple Technique.

The fascinating part of this system is...

·         You can start to make money the same day you lay your hand on this system.

·         You do not need to sell anything before you can make money with this system.


·         You do not need to write any articles. All the messages you will be posting will be provided by the advertisers.


·         You do not need your own personal computer. If you don't have, the nearest cyber cafe is okay.


·         You do not need a lot of hard work to start making money with this system. Just 2 hours, 3 times daily is okay.


·         The only things you need to start racking in dollar today are:


·         My Facebook Cash Blueprint


·         Your FACEBOOK account and


·         Dedication


How to use your Facebook account to make money

The exact X-Company you will get the 'special' messages from. These messages are not just messages. You will get

paid whenever you post it on facebook and someone clicks on it.

How to post your message to the right audience

How you can find the right audience to post your messages to. This business demands posting to a specific group of


You will also discover how to post a message to facebook and have over 500,000 people see it at a single click. (Auto pilot)

You will learn the type of messages you should be posting to get high number of clicks. This will determine the

amount of money you'll be able to make.

The ONE single thing you need to do to multiply your earnings. Not many people realise this ONE thing can make triple their earnings. You cannot miss it for anything.

The exact tools I am using to triple my income. Yes, you may already be making little money with face book but you might not be making enough money from it. My secret tools will open your eyes and you will start making the kind of money you will love.

Still interested in pushing yourself up the success lane? Do you want to say good-bye to poverty? Do you want to start living your dream life?

Then, you need to grab this Facebook Cash Blueprint..



No 10


Discover How To Make Up To ₦100,000 Monthly Importing Brand New Laptops With A Start Up Capital Of

Less Than ₦20,000 From The Comfort Of Your Bedroom.



The secret Websites most of the Computer Importers used to import computers cheaply which they will

never let you know.

·         The different brands of laptops sold on these websites

·         How you can determine the good and quality laptop on these sites

·         How you can order laptops from these websites

·         Step by step procedures on how you can import your laptops from these sites

·         How you can get your Naira Master Card you will use to place order for the laptops

·         You will also discover how you can process your online payment step by step

·         How you can use your Naira Master Card purchase your desired Laptops

·         How you can make your money doing Laptop Business



No 11





How To Make Money As An Online Joint Venture Broker


How to Start This Business

Remember this business won't take your time.

You don't need to invest anything; you don't even need a personal computer of your own.

You can receive your money through check or wire transfer.

The first thing is to go to where people post jobs and register. Which you will see inside the eBook

You will need to register or open an account in these websites.

After your registration, it’s time to start making money. You see one thing I love about this site is that you won’t be begging for jobs

After your registration, you are ready to start making money. Simple.


No 12

Recharge Card Printing Business


Discover How to Start and Make Money from Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria With just N10,000 start-up capital

In this Manual You Will Discover:

The Simple tools/ Materials You Need to Get Started

How to Order Your Bulk PINs From the Dealers

How to Install Your Printing Software that Comes With the eBook

How to Print Recharge Vouchers of Various Networks with Printing the Software

How You Can Print Your Business Name on Vouchers

Authorized Dealers You Can Buy Pins from all Over the States in Nigeria

Dealers of Recharge Card Printing Machine in Nigeria if You Don’t Want to Use Printing Software

How You Can to Get Your Customers to Buy From You



No 13

How to start Profitable poultry farming in Nigeria

Price: ₦3,000 

·         In this eBook, you'll find all the information you need to start and run a successful poultry farm, such as:

·         (a) How to Setup Poultry Farm in Nigeria - Focuses on how to start small and grow big within a short period of time

·         (b) How to identify chicken diseases, control and treatment and also how to give medication in the right way to your chicken 

·         (c) Types of chicken houses suitable for small starters and chicken house equipments and How to construct a well ventilated coop (hen’s house) for your chicken

·         (d) Breeds suitable for commercial poultry farming

·          (e) Poultry feeding and nutritional guides for healthy farming 

·         (f) Farm management and considerations

·         (g) How to write feasibility for poultry farming business

·         These and many more are contained in the eBook



No 14

Step by Step Practical Catfish Farming Guide in Nigeria


·         In this eBook, you'll find all the information you need to start and run successful catfish farming, such as:

·         Things You Need To Start Your Fish Farming Business.

·         How you can Make Money from Catfish Farming

·         How to Get Started in Catfish Step by Step

·         The Cultural System of fish Farming

·         Why You Need a Good Pond for Fish Faming

·         How to Lime the Pond where Fishes are

·         Benefits of Using Natural Pond for Fish farming

·         All You Need to Know about Feeding of Your Fish

·         Other Important Things to Do and not to Do about fish farming

·         How to Harvest Fish in the Pond

·         How to Manage Your Fish Farm

·         How You can Start Fish Farming Business in Small way

·         Feasibility Study For Standard Fish Farm

How to Write a Feasibility Study For fish Farming in Nigeria




No 15

How to start piggery (pig farming) in Nigeria


·         In this eBook, you'll find all the information you need to start and run successful pig farming, such as:

·         How to secure a breeding ground for your pigs

·         How you can build standard pens (pig house) for your pigs

·         How you can buy healthy piglets to start your pig farming

·         How to arrange for feeds (food) for your pigs

·         Estimated cost of building fifty pens for your pig

·         Estimate cost of feeding 200 pigs

·         Estimate cost of farm implements for piggery How to calculate purchase, sale, salary wages, administrative expenses and profit of your pig farming business

·         How you can market your pigs (products) from the farm

·         How you can advertise and promote your pigs for sale

·         How to take purchasing and inventory control of your farm

·         How you can train your workers for the growth of your business



No 16

How to start back yard snail farming in Nigeria


In this eBook, you'll find all the information you need to start and run a successful snail farm, such as: 5 simple steps you require to start your snail farming.


 The start up capital for small scale snail farming Profit potential of snail farming Streams of income in the snail farming business.


 The seasonal period for snail farming in Nigeria States where you can find edible giant snails


How to identify good snails for your farm Why snails are highly consumed in Nigeria How to export snails to other countries.



No 17

How to start palm oil business in Nigeria




In this eBook, you'll find all the information you need to start and run a successful palm oil business, such as:

How to Process  Palm Oil 
How To Determine The Quality Of Palm Oil before buying
The Non Edible Uses Of Palm Oil and the possible market for palm oil product
Who Should Be Involved in palm oil business
The Seasons Of Palm Oil production and when to buy your palm oil for storage
How To Get Your 400% Returns On Your Investment
How to Starting This Business With N10,000
How to Study The Market before investing your money
The already made market you can sell palm oil product 
Where To Purchase Your Palm Oil products cheaply and sell for profit
How to store and Management Of Palm Oil Storage


No 18

How to Make N600,000 Monthly Without A Kobo Just Loading Agro-Export Commodities From The Hinterland And Villages To Lagos 
…You Can Also Make Dollars Getting Export Contracts Online :


In This eBook Will You Discover:

How to Starting an Export Business

How to Collaboration with Nigerians living in UK

How Nigerians, Especially Graduates, Can Benefit From Export Without Spending A Dime

How To Make N600,000 in A Month Loading Agro Commodities From Hinterland Villages to cities

How To Make Dollars Getting Export Contract Online The Export Business Options In Nigeria  you can exploit


No 19

How to Start and Make ₦10,000-₦15,000 from Mini Bakery Business at Home With Little or No Capital


This eBook Will Reveal to You:

How You Can set up small scale bakery with home-based oven at home Comfortably

How to start the business without owning equipment and still make money

The manual will show different bakery ingredients and how to market them for profit

How you can become sales agent to different bakers without  producing anything and make money

How you can become a label, nylon and polythene bags producer for the bakers and receive payment

The manual will teach you how to  be a flour miller and be selling flour

The manual will also reveal to you the marketing strategies to use to make more




No 20

How to obtain Loan to Finance Your business in Nigeria

You will learn all it takes to get loans from anywhere you want to and for anything. without a collateral


No 21

How to Make Steady Income Repackaging And Selling Agricultural Food Items 
... Starting With As Low As ₦25,000: 

This eBook Will Teach You:

What is Repackaging?

How To Raise Money To Start Out in repackaging business

How to Increase your fortune exporting to Nigerians abroad

Some Common Food Items You Can Repackage Sources Of Some Of These Food Products

What To Put In Place To Start Your Repackaging Process

Where To Get Your Repackaging Machine Market Potential in The Export Business

How to Develop Marketing Strategy for the Business

How To Make Money Supplying Exporters Making Contacts With Direct Foreign Buyers

Methods of Sourcing for Export Contracts International Commodity

Pricing List Methods And Tools Of Payment you can used in the Business

No 22



Start your Importation Business here in Nigeria with Less than #10,000, and import Electronics, phones and laptops at cheap Rates and make up to 150% PROFIT selling them here in Nigeria.




No 23


 This is an e-book to teach you how to Unlock different USB modems and use any Sim card of  your choice with it and you don’t have to get many modems because of unstable networks , and you can also start earning by Unlocking modem for people.





No 24


A complete Guide to teach you how to start your bulk SMS Service in Nigeria and start to realize over #100,000 monthly


No 25


A complete Guide to Help you Make atleast #80,000 every week fromFootball betting even if you are a football Novice

 Here is the chance for you to Discover the Hidden Secret of Making Additional income Online, by getting instant access to my special Collections of E-books



No 26


Learn how to Create an amazing website within 60 minutes, and save extra charges to be paid to website designers, if you want to know, this is what helped me in putting up my website as well


No 27


A complete PDF GUIDE to help you on how to setup, Configure and enjoy Free DSTV Station on Moblie and laptops FREE-OF-CHARGE


No 28


 Within just 21 days, No lawyer, and with just #10,000 you can now  register your Company Name with the Corporate affairs Commission CAC , this E-book will Teach you.


No 29


With this blueprint you will discover How To Legally Get A Canadian Visa & Work Permit That Will Help You To Relocate To Canada Without Ever Going To The Embassy


No 30



YES YOU CAN STUDY IN FINLAND, NORWAY, AND SWEDEN  without PAYING A DIME. A friend of mine did this and right now, he is going for his master's degree You should be the next


No 31


 Are  you keen about online money making? This report helped me in understanding the online money making concept. This is enough to make you your first cash from the internet.


No 32

How To Get A World-Wide Accepted Visa Prepaid Card For Your Online Transactions In Nigeria

STOP PAYING PEOPLE TO BUY THINGS IN UK OR US FOR YOU.If you are finding it hard to make payments online, there is a particular Visa card that can help you with that easily. And it is very affordable to own. I have included the step by step process to get the card in this manual.


No 33

How to Make money from Pure water Business




Here you will get the in and out of pure water business, even if you don't have the money to start, you can source for investors



Survey Database.



 Best Management Practices For fish Farming.




Cassava Processing Training Manual.




Manual for the Commercial Pond Production of Africa Catfish in Uganda.




 Small-scale Poultry keeping- brooding and rearing chickens.




Facebook Marketing Secrets.




Facebook Wealth Formula.




How to Set Up Professional Wordpress Blog.




How to Open Online Payment Account.




Discover How to Make Money on the Internet .




The Limitless and Wealth Manual.




Unlimited Power- Achieving the Impossible.




 Stress & Stress Management. 




 Twitter Training Manual.



 Master Key System.



How to Use Linkedin to Sell More Real Estate.



 Law of Attraction.



 List of countries Nigerian passport Holders can Visit without Visa.



 Make over 600,000 Naira Monthly loading foodstuffs from any Village to any City.



 Mind Magic-The Secret of Influencing Others.



 Science of Getting Rich.



Create An Approved Google Adsense Account In 6 Hours Time or Less And Start Making money.



Secret of Wealth.



Insiders Secret of making over 100K weekly with Information Marketing.



Power of Concentration.



How to run a Successful Piggery Business.



GSM short Code Business.



Start and make Money from  Foodstuff export Market in Nigeria, with little Investment.



Set up and manage a Job Recruitment outfit.



Charcoal Business



Secret of making over 80K from plantain Chip business weekly.



Liquid soap  Business



20 Businesses you can do with GSM Phone.



 How to start bar soap, Toilet Soap, Powder Detergent Business at home and  making over  60K Weekly



How to Travel and work in the UK easily.



How to start making money Operating a TV and Radio Production Business.



Legally make Money Online.


Hospitality Investment (hotel) ideas

As you can see, these are almost quality materials that I have carefully selected and which I know will benefit you a lot.

    These are quality information products that I have benefited a lot from and now, I am granting you access to them all. As an Internet money making Coach, I need expose you to all the stuffs that are beneficial...


 This offer will only be available for 3 days, after which you will get them at an additional price of 2,000 Naira for which ever option or category you choose


Even though i have decided to let you have these materials,i still have Fears though

      My  number one fear is that, i wouldn't want anyone Outside my esteemed subscribers, fans and Clients to have access to this. Most especially, fellow Internet money makers...

       My second fear is this, I wouldn't want anyone out of my subscribers to miss out on this superb offer. The only reason why anyone should miss out on this is if such person has the conviction that I do not practice what I preach.

      In as much as I practice what I preach and I am telling you that these resources have immensely contributed to my  money making success, please go all out for this and eliminate all doubt. take my word for it.



If i were to charge just #1,000 each for these materials, it will be #69,000 in all. That's less than 30% of what it cost me to acquire all these materials. But, I am so understanding and caring. I wouldn't even ask you to pay #50,000.

    Even If i were to estimate #700 each for the materials in this collection, that will be #48,300 asking price. That will be a fair asking price for these superb collection. But, my main objective of this Special collection is to give you all these materials at just a token. I would have given them out for free but its not fair because we all are aware that every good thing has gotten a price and 99.9% of things without a price are useless and worthless. personally I flee from things that are handed over to me for free. I prefer to work for things I get ,just like I also want you to, so that value will be attached.


 The price is at a wow! discount. If you are taking only One of the materials any one of your choice, that will cost you N1,990 and I will give you anyone of the bonuses of your choice for free--Making a total of Two (2)

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But if you re taking all (bonuses included) then you will need to call me to discuss that because I ordinarily do not want to give out all my materials to One person, Totalling seventy one(71)





Perhaps you are probably thinking right now, that if actually these guides are for real and can make you as much as N500,000 monthly, why are they so cheap? Anyway the answer to that question is this-I wanted to put it at N20,000 flat rate and anyone who is interested must take all, but I got calls from Subscribers who asked me to be considerate, seeing that all fingers are not equal, so I had to agree with them since I am here for my Fans and subscribers and not for myself




Information today is the world currency, no matter how hard you try, there are still  lot of things that exist which you do not know about, but you get to hear about some daily, and the more you hear of them, the more you realize that there are more you still have not heard about until you are told. Just imagine this deadly disease EBOLA have been in existence since 1976 but we only got to hear about it in 2014 which is 38 years later, same way there are things like that. There are lots of resources that still have to be tapped. This is a free world and belong to every body. I still sit down to ponder everyday why people should stress and complain that they do not have a job when there are opportunities like this. its free world


I am not sure about what your thoughts are now, but for those of you who are already in doubt and saying its all lies or you do not believe that such can happen, I will advise you save your time now and stop reading this, use your time for other things you feel will be more important than this, there is no room here for doubts, although I was once like that, I doubted for a while but decided to take the risk of believing and its a decision I do not regret till date. but if you are in total doubt and you live at Abuja, you are very free to come over to the office at Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2. After this I am sure all your doubts will disappear for good


Will you let all these opportunities pass you by just because you're afraid? you might call it a Risk

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There is this saying-Life is full of risk, so it is risky not to take risks.



I have three new Blackberry Z10 to give out to the first three people who will will make N250,000 or more with proofs, from using these guides.

You have been hearing a lot of things about Business and Internet, its now your turn to take your share, some of us have been ignorant for too long and we have now realized, don't worry its never to late

In the words on Nelson Mandela-Time is always Ripe to do right

Whichever of the Guide you are taking, it is risk free

its 100% risk free

30 Days Money back guarantee

30 days, No Risk, No Hassle,100% Unconditional Money-back Guarantee, There is absolutely No Risk on your part With this 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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After placing your order  and it is delivered to you, and then you feel you didn't get the value for your money, simply put a call through to me and demand your money back, which i will  instantly log in to my online banking and refund you.


Which ever option you are choosing, please make your payment to any of the following banks below. you can make payment via

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Money and wealth is not the same thing. Money is physical and tangible

but wealth is intangible. If you have money without wealth, that money irrespective of the amount,  will be lost in no time.

But a man that has wealth, money will run to him. Wealth is the enrichment of your heart. If you want to be wealthy, you must first of all have wealth in your heart. When your heart is full of wealth, sustainable riches will come to you. Wealth therefore, is the accumulation of knowledge, values virtues and ideas.

No matter your good intentions, money cannot come to you until you start walking according to the laws of money.

I can guess Your next question will be - What are these laws of money? How do I get these materials that contain these laws and    other money making information? These are the main opportunities I am presenting to you in this report.

Do you know also know that educational qualifications do not attract money to you? There are so many graduates roaming the street in poverty and many professors in want.

Do you know that in school there is no course that teaches you all of this, even if you spend ten years in the University

Money does not come to church goers or the most religious; otherwise everyone in church   will be wealthy indeed.

Money does not have respect for business people. Not many business people are rich. Until you are rich in your mind, you will still have romance with poverty.

Those who are chasing money instead of wealth are only chasing the wind. Get the right information and money will come to you.

How did I know this truth I am revealing to you? This is because I was a victim of  poverty.


Note that success is based upon power and power grows out of knowledge that has been organized and expressed

A man who wants opportunity

or chance may create it through ACTION. So, always take ACTION that will set you on the path of wealth and riches.

Don't procrastinate. Procrastination is the number one ENEMY of success.



Oriarewo Inegbedion



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